Parliamentary Committee informed of major staff, drug shortage at GPHC during visit


Across the board, the shortage of doctors and nurses at the Georgetown Public Hospital is a major concern for management as it pushes to ensure the efficient delivery of healthcare.

This was discussed during the Parliamentary Sectoral Committee on Social Services fact-finding mission to the facility today (Wednesday, May 3, 2017).

Kesaundra Alves, GPHC Chairman of the Board

The shortage was first highlighted by GPHC Board Chair, Kesaundra Alves and reiterated by Heads of Departments during an almost four hour visit of the facility.

Head of Accident and Emergency, Dr. Zulfikar Bux said the shortage in human resources was a main factor responsible for overcrowding. He also believes there is need for less referrals and said a system is currently in place to reduce the number of patients coming to the facility.

According the A&E Head, while there was a stable supply of necessary equipment, the shortage of some drugs including insulin and aspirin is an old issue.

Meanwhile, the Hospital’s Director of Finance, Ronald Charles explained that this was the result of some lapses in the procurement system.

The Government also came in for praise for its response to pediatric care.

However, later in the mission drama unfolded when the Committee tried to visit the storage bond.

Dr Vindhya Persaud surrounded by Members of the Media during Parliamentary Sectoral Committee fact-finding mission at GPH.

This came in the form of GPHC Board Chairwoman Alves refusal to allow the tour of the bond but the Parliamentary Committee headed by Dr. Vindhya Persaud insisted and the tour went on.

It was while the Committee was receiving recommendations for improvement of the facility that Dr. Persaud, her team and the media were instructed out of the building.

The Committee Chair complied with the instructions but said she does not feel that it is something that should have been done.

The Dr. Persaud added that the management’s action gives the impression that there is something to hide although that may not be the case.

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