GuySuCo appeals for support to meet Second Crop target


The Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. (GuySuCo) will begin its second crop mid-July, and is appealing to residents and businesses in sugar dependent communities, to assist the Corporation in its mobilisation programme to increase harvesters’ attendance.

In a statement on Monday, (May 22, 2017), the corporation alluded to the communities of within the vicinity of Skeldon, Albion, Rose Hall, Blairmont, East Demerara and Uitvlugt Estates to understand their role in sustaining the sugar industry.

GuySuCo had previously stated that its First Crop encountered many challenges ranging from adverse weather; strike actions by workers, dismal attendance, among others. Therefore, after more than ten weeks of grinding, sugar production is slightly over 48,000 tonnes.

Five estates were grinding for the First Crop – Albion, Rose Hall, Blairmont, East Demerara and Uitvlugt. The Skeldon Estate was out of operation for this crop due to the co-generation plant being deemed as unsafe, based on advice from Skeldon Energy Inc. (SEI).

The sugar corporation says it is important that these communities to understand their importance as GuySuCo has been a major part of the economics and a key player in providing services such as drainage and irrigation, heath care, community development, education and other services.

The statement ended with “GuySuCo needs your support!”

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