Azaad Hassan annihilates Group One competition

-          Vishok Persaud fastest in Group Three -          Motilall Deodass tops Starlet Cup


By Avenash Ramzan

The neon green AE91 powered by Azaad Hassan was a dominant force on Sunday at the National Race of Champions 2 at the South Dakota Circuit.

On a day where the weather was unpredictable- scorching sunshine was extinguished by two massive downpours, then punctuated by heavy overcast conditions- Hassan annihilated the competition in Group One, comprising the Street Tuner and Sport Tuner.

Azaad Hassan leading the competition on Sunday

The University of Guyana student was a class above his competition, racking up the maximum six wins from the three races in each category. He had the fastest lap time of 42.015s in the Street Tuner and 45.439s in the Sport Tuner.

Apart from clocking the fastest lap time of the day, Vishok Persaud won two Group Three races

Also in top form on the day was Vishok Persaud in his grey and orange Lotus, bearing number 38. The former Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club president clocked the fastest lap time of the day (36.251s) on his way to winning two of the Group Three races. He finished third in the other, which was won by Adrian Fernandes.

Motilall ‘Kevin’ Deodass with the chequered flag

Reigning Beharry Starlet Cup champion Motilall ‘Kevin’ Deodass maintained his dominance, winning two of three races in that category; the other was won by Rameez Mohamed after Deodass developed gearbox issues during the final stages of the race. 

Also in winners’ row were Rameez Mohamed and Chet Singh in the two Group Two races and Heemand Boodhram in the lone Superbikes race that came off.

In the second Superbikes event, Boodhram lost control and veered off the track, severely injuring himself and damaging his bike and helmet. He was air-dashed to the city for treatment after the severity of his condition was determined by an on-site medical team.

Below are the summarised results of the day’s events. 



(Prepared by: Avenash Ramzan)

CATEGORY First Second Third
STREET TUNER (1500cc) Azaad Hassan Raymond Seebarran Roopnarine Dasrat
  Azaad Hassan Raymond Seebarran Roopnarine Dasrat
  Azaad Hassan Roopnarine Dasrat Raymond Seebarran
STARLET CUP Motilall Deodass Allan DaSilva Afraz Allie
  Motilall Deodass Allan DaSilva Afraz Allie
  Rameez Mohamed Motilall Deodass Hamid Ramlogan
SUPERBIKES Heemand Boodhram Matthew Vieira John Bennett
SPORT TUNER (1600cc) Azaad Hassan Sharima Khan
  Azaad Hassan Roopnarine Dasrat Peter Morgan
  Azaad Hassan Sunil Singh Sharima Khan
GROUP 3 Vishok Persaud Hamid Ramlogan Andre Dhanraj
  Adrian Fernandes Rameez Mohamed Vishok Persaud
  Vishok Persaud Shiraz Roshandin Chet Singh
GROUP 2 Rameez Mohamed Shiraz Roshandin Ryan Rahaman
Chet Singh Adrian Fernandes Mahendra Boodhoo




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