Region 9 communities flood, emergency shelters activated, residents evacuated


Several communities in Region 09 are under water following continuous rain over the past few days.

Officials of the Regional Defense Commission (RDC), the Lethem Town Council, Lethem Mayor, Carlton Beckles were forced to convene an emergency meeting on Sunday evening (July 02, 2017).    According to a report provided through the Civil Defense Commission (CDC), emergency locations were activated at the Arapiama Primary School, the Amerindian Hostel and Culvert City Nursery School. The Guyana Defense Force (GDF) is also assisting with evacuation.

The Regional Chairman has reported that almost all the Toshoas and village captains in the region reported that their farmlands are under water. While the town of Lethem is not under water, the villages of Parishara, Nappi and Hiowa are cut off from Lethem because the road is almost completely under water.

Regular updates are being provided via Radio Lethem to residents.

(Photos and information for this story were provided by the Department of Public Information)

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