Barbados Tridents’ Shamar Springer is ready for CPL action


He delighted the world with his ‘chest roll’ dance move at the ICC Under-19 World Cup in 2016. So what does Shamar Springer have up his sleeve for the 2017 Hero Caribbean Premier League?

“You can expect some good performances – once I get the chance to play – and some entertainment as well,” Shamar told Loop News. “I’m thinking about another dance move, but I’m not certain of it yet,” he said with a laugh.

The young all-rounder was just 18 when he and his West Indies Under-19 teammates took the ICC World Cup by storm and Shamar is hoping to have a similarly exhilarating experience as he joins the Barbados Tridents for a second year for the 2017 Hero CPL.

“I am motivated by having the ability to perform well on the cricket field, to see people smile and connect with them. I look forward to doing great things,” said Shamar. “My goals are to do well for myself, my team and win the tournament.”

Being a part of the Hero CPL joins the Under-19 World Cup victory as one of the highlights of Shamar’s cricketing career so far. “I never thought that I would be able to reach this stage so quickly,” he said of the Hero CPL. “So it’s just a matter of maintaining it and improving.”

He says young cricketers like him are keen to play in the tournament, adding, “I think it brings out the best in the cricketers here to strive to reach that stage.”

He sees it as an amazing opportunity to interact and learn from top-class cricketers from around the world, adding, “Just watching and observing what they do, I can add to my own game and make it better.”

He confessed that he is eager to spend time with fellow Barbados Trident, Kane Williamson of New Zealand.  “He is one of the best batsmen in the world right now and I think I can pick his brain a bit and gain some tips from him,” said Shamar.

And the Hero CPL is more than just cricket – it brings players and fans from around the world together to share cultures, build friendships and make lasting memories.

The fun-loving, friendly Bajan, who goes by the nickname ‘Springz’, is looking forward to welcoming the CPL family to his home turf, saying, “In Barbados, we have some of the best entertainers and, of course, we also play great cricket and the fans love that!”

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