Parents protest deplorable state of school bridge


Parents who send their children to the Leeds Nursery School on the Corentyne are protesting the deplorable and unsafe condition of the bridge which leads to the school’s compound.

The protest was initiated after a child fell into the trench on Wednesday, November 15 and even though teachers arrived at the school today, parents refused to send their children until the bridge is fixed.

The current state of the bridge which leads to the Nursery School

One teacher, who prefers to remain anonymous, told News Room that the situation was reported numerous times to the officials of the Ministry of Education, however, the Ministry fixed the fence of the school and promised to fix the bridge.

“The boards got rotten…the flooring for the bridge broke, the rail fell I think it was Monday morning so no children can go across the bridge. Yesterday, a child fell in the trench so the parents said they won’t be sending their children back to school unless there is a bridge,” the teacher.

The teacher further claimed that the bridge started to deteriorate some two years ago.

“We informed them and they said every budget they’re going to do it. Right now as it is, nobody can walk over that bridge.”

The nursery school has an enrollment of 39 students.

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