First Lady receives courtesy call from Sisters of Mercy


First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Granger today received a courtesy call from representatives of the Sisters of Mercy of Guyana, Sister Julie Matthews, President, and a representative of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Sister Patricia McDermott and Sister Eileen Campbell, where a number of areas of cooperation were discussed.

The First Lady has collaborated closely with the Sisters of Mercy of Guyana, particularly on programmes that impact the welfare of women, children and senior citizens.

In an invited comment, Sister Julie explained that she requested the meeting to introduce Sisters Patricia and Eileen, who are visiting Guyana, to the First Lady. She noted that the First Lady has thrown her support behind the Sisters of Mercy of Guyana on a number of programmes, including the operation of a safe house for survivors of sex trafficking and the opening of the St Joseph Mercy Hospital’s Resident Care facility for senior citizens.

Meanwhile, Sister Patricia said that she was pleased to meet with the First Lady. “Oh, we had a wonderful meeting. We talked about education and the wonderful efforts that [the] First Lady is making in helping, especially young women, and she was telling us [about] some of the programmes around Robotics and some of the efforts [that] she’s trying to … collaborate with some of your schools, some of your agencies, and to provide resources to bring energy and motivation for young people,” she said.

The First Lady presented the Sisters with a number of tokens, after the meeting, which was held at State House.  (Extracted and Modified from the Ministry of the Presidency)

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