Enmore factory only be re-opened for two weeks, Skeldon for a month


Confusion surrounds the Government’s plans to reopen sugar estates closed last year.

The planned re-opening of the Enmore sugar factory could last only two weeks and the one at Skeldon for just a month.

Well-placed sources at the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) say the reopening of the factories are only to harvest the canes left in the fields and to take care of molasses ordered.

But harvesting the cane could be problematic.

For one, the lands have been left unattended and the drainage canals which allow the free flow of canes from the backlands to the factories are now blocked.

Further, News Room understands that the rehiring of cane harvesters is not being considered as a private contractor from the West Coast Demerara is thought to be the best option for the brief re-opening.

Another problem is the sourcing of materials needed to run the factories; these usually come from China and could take up to three months to reach Guyana once orders are placed.

The Government’s asset bearing unit NICIL has taken control of GuySuCo, and is using a Special Purpose Unit (SPU) to management the divestment of the Corporation.

News Room understands that the government is soon to place four new directors on the board of GuySuCo and install the head of the SPU, Colvin Heath London, as Executive Chairman, making the position of Chief Executive Officer redundant.

The new board members are expected to be installed as early as next week.

The life of the current board expires in April and the government is not inclined to retain Professor Clive Thomas as chairman.

GuySuCo has also been told to freeze the hiring of new staff for its headquarters.

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