ExxonMobil clarifies list of contractors released by Gov’t


ExxonMobil today clarified that of the 227 companies and individuals who benefit from the company’s operations here, opportunities were “to a larger extent,” from its major contractors.

Following the release of a list containing over 200 companies by the Government which it said benefits from ExxonMobil’s investment in Guyana, at least one accounting firm, Ram and McRae came forward to say it did not receive work from the oil giant.

In a statement on Friday, ExxonMobil listed 24 companies as its main contractors. Those are shown in the table below.

The list of companies revealed by the Department of Public Information includes businesses involved in the transportation, legal, hospitality and food sectors along with graphic design, catering, security, accounting, auditing and media services

There are 27 CARICOM owned companies, 15 of which are registered in Guyana that are also engaged by ExxonMobil. Another 42 foreign-owned companies, 20 of which are registered in this country do business with ExxonMobil Guyana, DPI reported.

ExxonMobil is required to submit to the government, on a quarterly basis, the list of companies it engages.


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