Investigation launched into stillbirth at New Amsterdam hospital


Director of Regional Health Services, Jevaughn Stephens Friday said an investigation has been launched into how a young woman lost her unborn child while a patient at the New Amsterdam Hospital on Tuesday last.

Stephens said a meeting was held on Friday with those who were at work during the time the patient was admitted and if any wrongdoing is found on part of the Hospital it will be dealt with accordingly.

Bibi Asiyaa Hussain, 19, has blamed staff of the maternity unit for the death of her unborn daughter whom she carried for a full nine months.

Hussain, of Crabwood Creek, explained that she was admitted to the public hospital on Sunday, July 1 with labour pains and even though she complained bitterly, nurses and doctors told her she was not ready to give birth.

During her admittance on Sunday to Tuesday, July 3 she was she was told repeatedly she was not ready to give birth.

‪On Monday evening at around 21:00‪ hrs she recalled a fetal heart test was done and which indicated the presence of a heartbeat from her unborn daughter, however, when she was examined by a Doctor at approximately 04:00 AM, she was told there no heartbeat from the fetus.

An ultrasound was subsequently done ‪at around 5:30am, and it showed that the baby died.

The young mother said she was shocked at the news. It was then that the doctor decided to induce labour.

Hussain named her stillborn Adena Hussain.

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