Two changes to CPL playing conditions


The Hero Caribbean Premier League is set to begin on 8 August when current champions, Trinbago Knight Riders, take on St Lucia Stars. There have been two significant changes to the playing conditions for the 2018 event.

In the event of a tie between the two teams there will be a Super Over as in previous seasons. In the past the team that had batted second in the match would automatically bat first in the Super Over. This year there will be another coin toss to decide which team will bat first in the Super Over.

There is also change in the penalties that will be applied to teams that do not complete their overs within the allotted time. Each side has 85 minutes, plus any additional time that the umpires have deemed appropriate due to delays in play, to complete their overs.

If teams fail to bowl their overs within the allotted time they will be given a Net Run Rate penalty as outlined below:

  • One (1) over down – Penalty of 0.05 deduction from their NRR
  • Each additional over down – Penalty of 0.10 deduction from their NRR

Michael Hall, Tournament Operations Director for Hero CPL, said: “We work hard each year to ensure that playing conditions are making the competition as fair as possible while also keeping the spectators and viewers at home entertained. We feel both of these changes will help with both of these goals.” (CPL)

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