Batavia residents want swift resolution to land dispute with miner


Residents of Batavia, Region Seven (Cuyuni Mazaruni) are calling for urgent action to be taken to resolve an issue regarding a businessman who is mining on their land.

Toshao of the Village, Oren Williams explained to News Room that the miner entered the community on Saturday last and began to clear a portion of land in preparation for mining.

The miner reportedly holds a permit which was granted in 2002 by the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) to mine in that area. But the land belongs to the community, as outlined in its village title which was issued in 2014.

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Williams explained that the Village Council had confronted the miner and pleaded with him to hold off on mining until the dispute is rectified; however he did not.

According to reports reaching the News Room, the miner has already begun operations much to the dismay of residents who feel their rights are being trampled upon.

Today, a group of residents turned up at the mining site and protested for the man to stop mining but their attempts were futile.

A team from the Ministries of Natural Resources and Indigenous Peoples Affairs as well as the GGMC are expected to visit Batavia on Tuesday to get a firsthand look of the issue.

“I hope we can get a reasonable solution,” the Toshao said.

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