BREAKING: Man found dead after attempting to kill wife, children


The man who attempted to kill his wife, three young children and his mother-in-law on Monday night, was found dead in the backlands of Number 36 Village in East Berbice-Corentyne, Tuesday morning.

It Is believed that 43-year-old Michael Lewis of Brighton Village, killed himself; police retrieved his body, which was discovered by residents in the area. Investigators also found several syringes at the scene along with cell phones and documents.

Lewis, who was employed as a Labourer, went berserk after his wife, Candacie Khedaroo ended their relationship following years of physical abuse and moved out of the house.

He tried to kill Candacie, her mother and his three young children (age 7, 4, & 2) when they returned to the house to collect personal items.

Candacie Khedaroo and one of her three children on Monday night following the incident

Lewis had doused the family with gasoline and tried to set them alight but Candacie’s mother, Bibi, managed to fight him off and Lewis ended up burning down the house instead and the family escaped.

However, News Room was informed that after he failed to kill the family, Lewis visited Bibi’s house and threw a Molotov cocktail inside, which scorched part of the house.

Police investigations are ongoing.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Persons desirous of helping the family who lost everything in the fire can contact them on telephone number: +592 687 1351

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