Mother saves daughter, grandkids after son-in-law sets house on fire


The heroic actions of a mother saved her daughter and three grandchildren from being burned alive by her Son-in-Law, who managed to completely destroy the family’s Brighton East Berbice-Corentyne house Monday night.

The suspect, 34-year-old Michael Lewis, who is a labourer, is on the run.

News Room understands that Lewis’ wife, Candacie Khedaroo ended the union after years of physical abuse and moved out of the house.

She attempted to return on Monday to pick up some personal items when Lewis allegedly attacked her with a hammer but she managed to escape.

With the help of her children (age 7, 4, & 2) and mother, Bibi Khedaroo, Candacie returned to the house later to pick up her children’s school clothes and other items when the suspect pounced on them.

The scene of the fire

Bibi told News Room that they entered the home and she asked the suspect to hand over her daughter’s phone but he allegedly grabbed a bottle a gas and sprayed it on the family as he threatened to set them alight.

The elder Khedaroo, in her attempt to save her daughter and grandchildren, held on to Lewis and struggled with him to get rid of the lighter.

During the fight, the woman was hit in the chest as the family managed to escape.

Lewis then allegedly doused the house with the remaining of the gasoline and set it ablaze. He then fled the area. Police have since launched an investigation.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Persons desirous of helping the family who lost everything in the fire can contact them on telephone number: +592 687 1351

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