Popular ‘Colors of India’ store goes up in flames


The popular ‘Colors of India’ store located at Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice was destroyed on Friday after the building which houses an Indian wear store and vehicular workshop caught on fire.

Mahendra Lachman, 28, brother of well-known businessman Ravi Lachman, the proprietor of the Indian Wear store, told the News Room that his brother operates his business at one section of the property while he operates his vehicle workshop at another section.

He disclosed that around 15:00 hrs, he left the house to test drive a customer’s vehicle he was working on and in a matter of minutes someone informed him that the building was on fire.

Lachman said he rushed back to the location but could not access it to save anything. He stated that his brother Ravi travelled abroad but he was unable to make contact to inform him of what had occurred

Mahendra said he lived there with his wife, his eldest brother (Ravi), his youngest brother and his family of three along with his mom and dad.

Millions of dollars in stocks (clothing) along with customers’ were completely destroyed by the blaze.

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  1. habeeb says

    There are too many fires daily, the Firefighters ain’t getting a chance to take a break.
    Most times it’s “electrical”. Other times, it’s something else.
    At this speed, there need a FIRE STATION fully equipped in every village or two… to cope with the scourge.

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