10-year-old poet tackles deep topics of depression and freedom


By Bibi Khatoon

Many famous writers began their career in their late teens or older, but at just 10-years-old Aurelia Sue-Ann is already grabbing attention with her talent.

The student of Mae’s Primary School has become the youngest female to publish her book in Guyana. It is titled: “A little Poet’s World.”

Editor and publisher, Petamber Persaud lauded Aurelia’s understanding of issues that plague and grace childhood, not shying away from themes like freedom, fear, depression and self-confidence.

The book comprises 22 poems; she drew inspiration from her peers, her family and the books she read.

She grew up in the village of Success, East Coast of Demerara.

Susan Ibrahim, her mother, said her daughter was an avid reader from a tender age.

However, before becoming a writer, Aurelia was more fascinated with drawing and used it to express her thoughts.

“She always expressed herself through sketches and drawings – even these were just of sticks.

“She would constantly draw so I knew what emotions she was carrying at that moment,” Ibrahim noted.

Aurelia and her mother, Susan Ibrahim

Eventually, as Aurelia grew older, her friends requested that she explain her sketches – her first explanation was her first poem.

“My friends would usually come by and see my sketches but they wanted an introduction.

“So I wrote a little poem and when I show them, they told me to show my class teacher because it was really good,” she recalled.

The teacher was impressed, and she let the parents know of Aurelia’s talent.

Her first poem was called ‘Rain’ which she wrote to her stuffed toy called Georgie – her most loved companion from a tender age.

Her second poem in Grade four carries a funnier theme as it was based on a mouse which she and a friend began treating like a pet.

“We saw the mouse and we decided to name it…and we would give it like a bag of cheese sticks every day but one day, she got exterminated,” she recalled, giggling uncontrollably.

Subsequently, with the help, of her parents, Aureliabegann writing one or two poems per day.

Aurelia’s most favourite poem in the book is one written about her best friend.

It tells the story of people who are of different “shapes and sizes” but form a lasting bond.

She has now developed a passion for writing and is planning the launch of her second book after she sits the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA).

While she plans to continue writing long into the future, she does not plan to expand her writing into other areas as she loves poems.

The book was launched at the Mae’s Primary School earlier this month and has already sold 50 copies, making the author’s parents beyond proud at her accomplishments at such a young age.

“What I love about writing is that it just gives me this feeling – a good feeling of satisfaction and a sense of achievement.”

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