Businessman remanded for attempted murder of ‘Short Boss’


Thirty-two-year-old businessman, Abdul Imran Khan appeared before Chief Magistrate, Ann McLennan at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court this morning, charged with the attempted murder of Romario Baljeet, known as ‘Short Boss’.

Khan, of Austin Street, Campbellville, was represented by Attorneys Glenn Hanoman and Everton Singh-Lammy and was not required to plea to the indictable offence.

As such, he was remanded to prison until November 19. It is alleged that on October 28, 2018, he attempted to kill Baljeet, a disabled man, outside the Palm Court nightclub on Main Street, Georgetown.

Prosecutor Simone Payne informed the court that on the day in question, Baljeet and his friends attempted to leave the club but Khan and his brother, Safraz were standing in front of the gate.

The court heard that Baljeet then walked between them when Khan cuffed him to the head and face, causing him to fall to the ground.

Imran Khan at the Georgetown Magistrates Court.

According to the Prosecutor, Khan allegedly took a glass bottle and a drinking glass and smashed it on Baljeet’s right side face, which caused a deep wound.

The court heard that persons at the scene were scared to render assistance when Khan kicked and punched the disabled man as he laid helpless on the ground.

Baljeet was picked up in an unconscious state and taken to the Woodlands Hospital.

The court was informed that two surgeries were done on the victim’s face and there are more surgeries scheduled.

Romario Baljeet at the hospital

Prosecutor Payne told the court the police obtained CCTV footage from the nightclub.

Meanwhile, Khan’s attorney, Hanoman disputed the Prosecutor’s facts and told the court that Baljeet was discharged from the hospital two days ago but voluntary admitted himself to the hospital this morning.

The Attorney questioned the basis of the charge and told the court “this was a fight, not attempted murder.”

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