Disabled man badly beaten outside Palm Court


Romario Baljeet, popularly known as “Short Boss” is nursing injuries at a private city hospital after he was beaten outside the Palm Court night spot located on Main Street, Georgetown, allegedly by a man named Abdul Imran Khan, in the wee hours of Sunday.

Baljeet who suffers from a walking disability, said he and a friend, Darnell Hopkinson along with a female, who asked for her identity remain unknown, were walking to his car when the alleged assailant began to “kick and punch” him.

“I was going to my car and I walked through him and his friends since they were by my car and next thing I know I was being attacked by him [Imran Khan].

“I was on the ground and they kept kicking me and stamping. They even hit my other friends,” the 21-year-old recollected to News Room from his bed at the Hospital.

Alleged perpetrator, Abdul Imran Khan

According to an eyewitness who wished to remain unknown for fear of victimization, “Khan looked to be intoxicated and even fired his weapon in the air during the altercation”.

The incident occurred between 1:30h – 2:30h.

“I don’t know the guy. We didn’t have any talking before the incident. Supposed he had shot me? These marks will remain on me for life,” an injured Balget said.

Baljeet, who is considered to be a midget due to his short stature, had a deep cut to his left cheek, along with a swollen right eye among other visible bruises to the face and other parts of the body.

He furthered explained that his family intends to pursue the matter to the full extent of the law in order to get justice since it was revealed to them that this is not the first time Khan displayed such behaviour.

Romario Baljeet at the hospital

In June 2010, Khan was charged with intent to maim, disfigure or cause bodily harm to Elroy Newton and he unlawfully and maliciously discharged a loaded firearm.

In October of the same year, the Guyana Police Force issued a wanted bulletin for Khan in relation to discharging a loaded firearm resulting in a security guard being hospitalized.

Most recently, Khan was fingered in the assault of soca artiste Rodney “Benjai” Le Blanc outside of Palm Court in April 2017.

The matter with Baljeet and Khan was reported to the Brickdam Police Station and Police Commander, Marlon Chapman confirmed that an investigation has been launched.

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