President Granger released from hospital, test results being analysed


President David Granger has been released from the Centro de Investigaciones Medico Quirugicas or Centre for Medical, Surgical Research (CIMEQ) in Havana, Cuba following an intensive series of tests by specialist doctors.

According to the Ministry of the Presidency, the President began tests immediately after he arrived in Cuba on October 30, 2018.

“Clinical analyses are still incomplete and it is expected that the Guyana Embassy in Havana will issue a statement when enough evidence is available,” the statement noted.

The Head of State has responded satisfactorily to medical interventions over the past week, however, and is recovering well, the Ministry assured.

President Granger, the statement noted, wishes to assure all citizens that he is receiving “the best possible medical advice and attention” and thanks to all Guyanese for their expressions of concern.

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