Motocross series set for thrilling finale on Sunday


The 2018 Motocross championship series will draw to a close on Sunday (November 25) with the final leg to be staged at Lower Kara Kara, Speightland, Linden.

Scorching action is expected in the dust and mud of the Motocross facility in Region 10 as the bikers will look to end the two-leg series on a high, walking away with much touted bragging rights and trophies.

The likes of Andy Rajkaran, Andrew Wong, Junior DaSilva, Vassie Barry, along with the Spellen brothers, Kennard, who is the novice champion, and Kenrick will be a part of the estimated 15 to 20 riders slated to compete. David Nobrega is expected to make a debut in the novices category.

At the last meet, Steven Nobrega won all the professional races and will be returning to defend his throne.

Sunday’s action will have four professional races, four novices and two open events. The first race is expected to start at 11:00h and tickets are $1,000 for adults and children under-12 are free.

Regarding directions, the organisers explained that patrons should look for the Guyana Forestry Commission toll turn and then follow the flags on the poll leading to the venue.

On the side of the weather they stated, it has been sunny with scattered showers but rain or no rain, action will be on Sunday.

Motocross is a form of off-road motorcycle racing held on enclosed off-road circuits. The sport evolved from motorcycle trials competitions held in the United Kingdom.

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