Sergeant who led team to crack carjacking ring is named Best Cop


A Police Sergeant who led the team which cracked the notorious car-jacking ring in ‘A’ Division earlier this year, Sergeant Rodwell Sarrabo was on Wednesday awarded the country’s Best Cop.

Following a period of heightened car-jacking, the Police investigation discovered a quantity of vehicle parts and motorcars at Vryheid’s Lust North, East Coast Demerara (ECD) and Monument Hill, KuruKururu, Soesdyke/Linden Highway.

As a result, an ex-policeman and others were arrested and later charged.
Currently stationed at the Brickdam Police Station, the cop who led that groundbreaking investigation, was awarded a trip to the Arrowpoint Nature Resort, trophies and $250,000 for his stellar performance.

Delivering his speech to officers and members of the private sector gathered at the Tactical Services Unity Drill Square, Eve Leary, the Sergeant said it was always his dream to be awarded the country’s Best Cop.

“I won’t stand here and tell you that becoming the Force’s Best Cop is not one of my dreams, it was!”

Police Commissioners along with ranks who were awarded on Wednesday

He added that “not only did I work hard but I gave up my time, my peace and my sleep for it.”

While expressing gratitude to all who have worked alongside him to achieve his goal, Sergeant Sarrabo urged his colleagues to work towards one day being the Best Cop.

“All of us have some goodness and within that goodness, it gives us the responsibility to manifest greatness,” he said.

He sought to reassure the public that the dedicated ranks of the Guyana Police Force are committed and will remain committed to their job of crime fighting.

The Sergeant also called on youths to stay away from criminal activities.

“Stay in school, get educated! The Benefits of Education is far greater than being involved in crime,” he noted.

Detective Sergeant Keith Conway who was the Best Cop for the police ‘A’ Division copped the runner-up position and was awarded a trophy and $200,000.

Conway was lauded for his efforts in the solving of four major murders in Georgetown during the year.

Other ranks from the various policing divisions and community policy groups were also recognized for their performance in 2018.

According to Commissioner of Police, Leslie James, $18,616,000 were awarded in cash and prizes to a total of 2,537 ranks.

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