‘I enjoy putting the bad guys in prison’ says 2018 Best Cop


By Bibi Khatoon

With a love for putting the bad guys behind bars and an outstanding 23 years in the Guyana Police Force, Detective Sergeant Keith Conway was on Friday awarded the Best Cop.

Growing up in the county of Berbice, Detective Sergeant Conway always wanted to be a member of the country’s law enforcement agency.

“From a kid, I always liked to see a peaceful environment and I always think that I possess the quality to assist in that aspect to keep my country safe so that citizens can be safe and feel safe in their homes,” Detective Sergeant Conway said.

At the age of 17, his dream came through when he became an apprentice at the Fort Wellington Police Station. An apprentice is an officer who joins the Force before the age of 18.

He served 11 years in the general duty section, moving from Apprentice to Lance Corporal and then to Corporal before he did the Criminal Investigations Department’s induction course to become a Detective in 2011.

Detective Sergeant Conway moved to A’ Division in 2015 and is stationed at the Grove Police Station on the East Bank of Demerara.

After just three years in ‘A’ Division, he was on Friday awarded Best Cop which he said came as no surprise.

“I knew one day it would have happened,” he said, adding “I am a disciplined policeman, I work hard, I am a professional policeman and I know some good day people will recognize this.”

He described the feeling as “one of my best achievements for all my service.”

The award ceremony was held at the Brickdam Police Station Compound.
The Detective told the News Room that over the years, the job has proven to be dangerous but his love for it never faltered.

“Every day you leave you home and your family and go out there…at all hours and you’re not 100% sure you’re going back home,” he said.

But he loves solving murder cases as he remembered some instances where his team managed to bring the perpetrators to justice.

He said his love for crime solving and discipline have always motivated him to continue striving.

“Putting the bad guys in prison, that’s always something I enjoy doing,” he said.

But this too, he said must be done with utmost caution to ensure that the innocent persons are not persecuted.

He described it as “the worst” feeling if an innocent person is mistakenly jailed due to lack of proper investigation.

Some persons have lost trust in the Guyana Police Force due to rogue elements and so Detective Conway is urging his colleagues to be professional.

“I believe that in every organization there are rouge elements…but I like solving rimes so regardless of what another policeman does, I know what I am doing and I try my best to motivate the people around me,” Detective Sergeant Conway said.

For his win, Detective Sergeant Conway received a bicycle, a trip to the majestic Kaieteur Falls, a trip to the Aruwai resort, a 40-inch Television and $75,000.

Coming in second was Garvin Boyce attached to the Brickdam police station who was elated at his achievement.

He also encouraged youths to strive for the best they can be.

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