Over 250 children to benefit from Courts Optical ‘Brighter View’ program


In a bid to promote vision health care services, Courts Optical on Tuesday launched its annual ‘Brighter View’ program which will provide free prescription eyeglasses to over 250 children across the country.

The program is a depiction of Courts Optical commitment to providing access to quality eye care service to the nation’s children between the ages of six and 18.

Since its launch in 2017, more than 500 children from 20 schools benefitted from free eye care services.

This year, the program was expanded to ten of the company’s locations in partnership with 10 orphanages.

Delivering remarks at the launch, Director of Sales Unicomer Guyana Inc. Malissa Sylvester said the program demonstrates Courts Optical’s unwavering commitment to providing affordable vision care to every child in Guyana.

“Courts Optical Brighter View program is more than just an annual initiative. It is a community driven project where the focus is on creating a sustainable impact and improving vision care and access to vision services for children in various communities.

“We ensure that every child will receive the care they deserve because what we do is not just about correcting vision it’s about empowering children to succeed academically and strive in life.

“We believe that financial constraints should never be a barrier to a child’s success,” Sylvester said.

To receive a free diagnosis and eye care, the Courts Optical Team contacts the schools’ or now orphanage administration requesting that they nominate children who require vision health care.

Once this is done, a comprehensive eye examination is performed on the nominees by qualified optometrists from Courts Optical Stores who will make recommendations for prescription glasses which are provided free of cost to the children.

For information on the program and how a child can benefit, persons can contact Courts Optical on telephone numbers 632-1873 and 632-0508.

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