Gov’t to submit Brief to Speaker about consequences of No-Confidence vote


See below full statement issued on Sunday evening by the Government of Guyana  following the historic No-Confidence motion passed in the National Assembly: 

The Government of Guyana will shortly submit to the Speaker of the National Assembly Hon. Dr. Barton Scotland a Brief that addresses the consequences of the vote taken in the National Assembly on December 21, 2018.

Dr. Scotland, following the vote, announced that the National Assembly will convene on January 3, 2019 to deal with the “consequences” of the vote. The Coalition Government respects the guidance of the Speaker and the integrity of the process.

In the interest of the preservation of our democracy, even in challenging circumstances, such as presently encountered, all members of the National Assembly are duty bound to adhere to the direction of the Speaker.

The Coalition Government has taken careful note of statements and comments which seek to sway the public’s mind away from the direction of the Hon. Speaker’s announcement and to create unease, mischief and discord.

The Coalition Government believes that these statements are not helpful in the present situation because there are forces at play who are seeking to subvert and railroad the democratic process.

As such, the Coalition Government alerts the Guyanese people that it is aware of these attempts to circumvent the democratic process and that all attempts would be made to resist the distortion of the Speaker’s announcement.

“There is more to be done in relation to it, and in the coming weeks, if not days that will be known and appreciated. When we gather again we will be refreshed and energized to continue the work which will be set before us,” Dr. Scotland outlined before the sitting was adjourned.

The Coalition Government reaffirms that it remains singularly committed to the rule of law and the safety and wellbeing of all Guyanese. The Coalition Government further reassures that it will continue to act in the best interest of all Guyanese.

Thorough efforts have been made to ensure a safe and peaceful holiday season and this has been achieved thus far despite attempts by the Opposition to create uncertainty and instability.

Until and unless fresh elections are held, the Government remains in full control of the governance apparatus of the state and will continue to carry out its mandate according to its constitutional requirement. Any suggestion to the contrary is intended to breed anarchy and disorder in Guyana and that too will be resisted.

The Coalition Government calls on all right-thinking Guyanese to continue to maintain faith in government and reject subversive attempts to create confusion and uncertainty for political motives.

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