Toshaos need protection, says former NTC member


Following the murder of Toshao Solomon Lewis on New Year’s Day in the village of Kurutuku, Region Seven, a Former Executive of the National Toshao’s Council (NTC) has taken to social media to bemoan the lack of security in remote communities.

Dead: Toshao Solomon Lewis (Photo taken from Stabroek News)

Eyon Boyal, in expressing his condolences to the family and the village of Kurutuku, criticized successive Governments for neglecting the plight of the far-flung indigenous communities.

He noted that as a former Toshao, village leaders have repeatedly requested guns, handcuffs and even police outposts or police patrols in their areas but “all government officials (both present and past) would respond that your point have been taken down and no further action.”

Boyal said Toshaos need protection since residents turn to them for help.

Toshao Solomon was beheaded early Tuesday morning when he intervened in a dispute concerning his daughter.


Former Executive of the National Toshao’s Council (NTC)), Eyon Boyal

“I have known Toshao Solomon when I first served as Toshao during the years 2012 to 2015. He was an outspoken and straight forward man who doesn’t take no for an answer.


“Listening to Toshaos from the far ends of the country speaks is like they are on their own in a foreign land.

My heart goes out everytime for Baramita, Cashew Island among others.

“I do hope “Government” stop play “politics” with our rights as Guyanese citizens, like I always say, Guyana is not just the Low Coastal plain.

“I do hope this is a wake up call for all!” Boyal posted on Facebook.

At the last NTC Conference held at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre in August of 2018, the outgoing council blasted the Government for failing to address issues facing the Indigenous communities.

At the 2018 conference, former Chairman of the NTC, Joel Fredericks, in the presence of over 200 Indigenous leaders, had noted it is not only this Government which failed to deliver its promises to the Indigenous community but the former PPP administration as well.

His comments came one month after former Vice President of the NTC Lenox Shuman promised the launch of a new political party along with other Indigenous Leaders to contest the next General and Regional Elections.

Shuman had noted that his party which has since been named the “The Liberal and Justice Party – Shaping Guyana’s Future,” stemmed from the failure of the past and present Governments to address Indigenous issues. The launch has been set for later this month.

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