Businesses not affected by No-Confidence Vote – PSC Chairman


Chairman of the Private Sector Commission (PSC), Desmond Sears says he remains optimistic that Guyana’s business community will continue to thrive even as the Opposition has succeeded with its No-Confidence motion against the Coalition Government.

“The business community have expressed concerns about safety and security of the nation. I’m of the view that not much credit is being given to the citizens, who have so far behaved decently even though many may be aggrieved at the results of the December 21 vote, they have acted maturely,” the PSC Chairman told News Room in an interview Wednesday.

He said there are also those who are happy about the results but they have tempered their exuberances, noting the country has a lot to gain by showing maturity and a lot to lose at the same time by descending into chaos.

“While investors of course investors will always be looking at a country like we are right now, I don’t expect that people are going to suddenly turn their backs on Guyana,” Mr Sears added.

He reminded Guyanese and the business community about Article 13 of the country’s constitution, which alludes to the objectives of the political systems to provide opportunities for the participation of citizens and their organizations in the management and decision-making process of the State.

The PSC, Mr Sears said, is looking forward to the next general and regional elections and will be working with its stakeholders to ensure a free and fair process.

The National Assembly on December 21, 2018, voted 33-32 for a motion of No Confidence in the Government, moved by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo.

The PPP, which holds 32 seats in the House, gained the majority of the votes when AFC Parliamentarian Charrandas Persaud defected and voted in support of the motion.

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