‘FED UP’ Party proposes splitting Guyana into three regions 


Attorney-at-Law and former Magistrate Chandra Sohan along with two of his legal colleagues, Ryan Crawford and Horatio Edmondson, Friday launched a new political party called the Federal United Party, which carries the acronym FED UP at the Central Corentyne Chambers of Commerce Office in Williamsburg. 

Sohan, who was identified as the Leader of the Party, said the launch comes on the heels of people everywhere being “fed up” with Guyana’s politics. 

He said that racial politics is the trump card of politicians and is responsible for stifling the country. 

The FED UP lawyers presented an unorthodox method of achieving national unity; they are proposing to divide Guyana into three Regions with each having its own administration. 

FEDUP is proposing to combine the 10 administrative Regions into three larger Regions in a bid to take away the power that Central Government holds over the entire country. 

As such, the Party is planning to contest the General Elections in Regions 5 and 6. They have declined to name the Presidential and Prime ministerial candidates at this time but promised to make the announcement as elections draw nearer. 

“We are suggesting now that we divide the country into 65 seats and when we go to our national elections, a person may contest their constituency and if you should win your constituency you would be in Parliament as compared to the system we have now,” Attorney Sohan told the media in Berbice. 

He said FED UP will be pushing for constitutional and electoral reform. 

“We are just out of local government elections and we see that the constituency system is still prevalent in this country. The constituency system is one that allows everyone to have a say immediately in terms of who they want to be their representative at the local government level. 

“We are now saying that is what we want to be the electoral system nationally.” 

According to the former Magistrate, the main goal of the Party is to advance the interest of the people of Berbice, who he said, have been sidelined and only used during election time by politicians. 

“With that, we have decided that we need to take to control of Berbice as a first step and that will be part of our objective which we believe we can achieve. 

“If we were to merge Regions 5 and 6 for the county of Berbice we are saying we can do a lot more with the constituency system, and with control of Berbice that is where now we want to advocate the Federal system. 

“The Federal system means just divide this country into three counties and each county will be able to have their own administration. 

“That is not a new process as we have that in the Regional system.” 

Meanwhile, embattled Attorney Ryan Crawford in pledging his loyalty to the Party said he is prepared for whatever backlash may come his way following his expletive-riddled incident of verbally abusing a Police Officer in September last year. 

“We are all on this rock, we have to fix whatever we have here. 

I know I can do better by miles. “There are people who are running this country or want to run this country and their main objective is political affiliation so that they can get personal advancement. 

“You have seen it whereby people are getting rich on the strength of the people’s money in this country. 

“Everywhere you go people are being punished for a political goal, people are joining political parties for whatever benefits they will have. 

“The good thing about our party, we don’t need anything. We are not here to gain financial wealth or anything. We are just here because of our concern for the people,” Crawford said. 

Both Crawford and Sohan have been charged with various offenses. 

On September 21 last year, Crawford was charged with five offenses related to an altercation he had with a Police officer on September 13, 2018, at the Yorkshire Public Road, Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara. The confrontation was captured on a video that went viral on social media showing Crawford verbally abusing the Police officer who was requesting to see his documents. 

In July 2017, Sohan was arrested for obstructing justice as the sensational case in the murder of carpenter Faiyaz Narinedatt continues. 

Also, in September 2017, Sohan was charged with failing to render assistance and also for failing to disclose his identification to the nearest police station following the accident. He was also charged for driving under the influence of alcohol. 


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