Magnum Mash Cup kicks off Saturday night


Thirty-two of the top futsal teams will commence the quest for top honours in the second edition of the Magnum Mash Cup, which opens Saturday night (February 2) with 10 games, at the National Gymnasium, starting 19:00h.

Among the marquee teams scheduled to appear are Sparta Boss, who face Mocha, while another tournament favourite Leopold Street oppose Ansa McAl.

Some of the other teams on show are Linden’s Swag Entertainment and Quiet Storm, Georgetown’s Broad Street, Future Stars, Back Circle and Ol Skool Ballers, while East Coast Buxton Diamond and East Bank Agricola are also scheduled to play on the opening night.

The competition will be played over nine days and promises enthralling action for the fans with most of the country’s top futsal teams already confirming their participation in the year’s opening tournament which carries prize monies in excess of $1.2 million along with trophies.

The winning team will receive $600,000 + Trophy, runner-up $300,000 + Trophy, third place $200,000 + Trophy and fourth place $100,000.

The other playing dates are: February 5, 9, 13, 16, 19, 21, 24 and March 3 when the final will be played.

Teams can uplift registration forms from the Key Shop on Carmichael Street next door to Oasis Café or contact Esan Griffith on tele #644-1416.

Meanwhile, Insurance Brokers joined the growing list of sponsors to offer support for second edition of the Magnum Mash Cup.

During a simple ceremony that was conducted at the entity’s location on Carmichael Street recently, Representative Lomell Johnson handed over a cheque for an undisclosed sum to Organising Committee member Esan Griffith, who in response expressed his appreciation for their continued support for sports.

Griffith pointed to last year’s assistance and the goodwill extended to other promotional groups as irrefutable proof of the entity’s passion for sports development and its belief to honour its corporate responsibility.

Johnson in his remarks pledged future assistance to the promoter and wished that the tournament enjoys the necessary success and achieve its intended goal.

Among the other entities on board are the National Sports Commission, Trophy Stall and Nigel Hinds.

The fixtures for the opening night are seen below:

North East La Penitence vs Good-Life

Alexander Village vs Buxton Diamond

Swag Entertainment vs Gaza Squad

Broad Street vs Quiet Storm

Showstoppers vs Ol Skool Ballers

Leopold Street vs Ansa McAl

Agricola vs Albouystown

Back Circle vs BV-B

Future Stars vs Kitty Hustlers

Sparta Boss vs Mocha

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