Roof of Skeldon Market ripped off by heavy winds  


Pandemonium broke out at the Skeldon Market Friday, as heavy winds combined with intense rain, ripped off a section of the Skeldon Market Roof sending vendors and shoppers scampering for shelter.  

Vendors recalled that the zinc roof was ripped off at around 10am.  

“This circle breeze just come out a nowhere and next thing you see zinc just fly off and water all over… was bare scatteration…people left them stand and run away,” said one vendor.  

The section of the market that is mainly affected include the grocery, clothing and haberdashery.  

Apart from minor bruises suffered as a result of the widespread chaos no one was seriously injured. 

On Saturday workers were already busy replacing some zinc sheets as others still tried to locate where the rest landed. 

Grocery vendor Kenneth Jafik is counting his losses.  

“It happened so sudden, we didn’t get to save anything. Everything in the stand flood. Me and my wife already start cleaning.The onions and some other stuff in the cupboard wet so we put it out to dry.” 

The market is located within 400 meters from the Corentyne River and is usually subject to heavy winds but Friday was the worst.

Grocery vendor Kenneth Jafik is counting his losses.
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