Content creators seek strict copyright laws


The Cineffx photo and film expo is currently underway at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre where content producers and persons with an interest in the field will be able to learn from the leading professionals in Guyana’s creative media industry.

Workshops will be held for filmmakers, photographers, sound engineers and many other professions in the field by top local specialists.

Speaking at the opening of the event, Yaphet Jackman, a local filmmaker, said there is a need for content creators to be recognized for their hard work since most do not get paid for their efforts.

“We live off of this…I just don’t go and shoot to hear ‘Thanks it look nice’. [Most people] are willing to pay, everyone else that comes into this country literally robs us of intellectual property. Our content, our culture and the very people that are here fighting with you every day, you have some sorry story to tell them.

“The creative industry is a great initiative to help people to open up doors…be careful because the rest of the region that has already gone through this and the rest of the world that has already fortified themselves through policies…their professionals are going to come here and want to rob us of our opportunities to create our content,” Jackman said.

Minister of Public Telecommunications, Cathy Hughes

Meanwhile, Minister of Public Telecommunications, Cathy Hughes said this is one of the issues that her ministry will pursue once back in Parliament. She said as a previous filmmaker she understands the need for these legislation.

“I know that there are members in the community that sound their voices that doesn’t need copyright, [But] when you’re in a production industry when you’re creating music or videos you and I know we need copyright.

“I’m happy to say that the new legislation is actually in the Attorney General’s Chamber and so hopefully as soon as we get back in the Parliament I would say that is one of the pieces of legislation that we wanna be pushing,” the Minister explained.

Persons attending the opening of the event welcomed the expo since it is different and will encourage persons to think about getting into the field.

The event runs until Sunday and will include workshops, fashion shows, an exhibition and many other local talents. (Colwyn Abrams)

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