Woman charged for killing mother says she was tortured by Police


The Berbice woman who has been charged for the murder of her mother has claimed she was brutally beaten and tortured by Police, whom she said also stole two of her gold rings and planned to split the money they found at her home.

Camila Jameer, 42, of Lot 305 Tempie Village, West Coast Berbice was on Thursday charged with the April 12 murder of her mother Rookmin Jameer, 71.

The charge was read to her by Magistrate Rabindranauth Singh a day later; the woman fainted in the courtroom on Wednesday when the charge was initially slated to be read to her.

According to the facts of the matter, on the day in question, Jameer was accused of stealing money and in a fit of anger, she slashed her mother’s throat.

Dead: Rookmin Jameer

When she made her appearance on Thursday, the woman appeared to be in better health and gave a detailed account of “harassment” by six Police officers.

From the docks, Jameer alleged that since her arrest on Saturday, she was terrorized, beaten and even forced to kneel on corks. She said she was kicked and cuffed several times.

She told the court at one point a plastic bag sprayed with the insecticide Baygon was placed around her head while she was choked and beaten and forced to admit she killed her mother.

“One of the Police say if me nah talk them get whole night with me; me must say me kill meh mother,” she related.

Jameer said it was because of the “brutality” and of not eating anything that she fainted twice on Wednesday.

She further claimed that when she was taken back to the scene she was also beaten and asked to point out where the murder weapon was.

She stated she was taken into the kitchen and was told to hold a knife while a Police took a picture. Jameer said that the knife was on the cupboard for a week.

During her statement to the court, Jameer alleged that two of her gold rings were stolen from her at a Police Station where she was being held and during the time she was taken back to the murder scene, the six Police officers said they would split the money they found at her home instead of having it lodged at the Police station.

After listening to the report, the Magistrate ordered that the woman undergoes a psychological examination.

She is expected to return to court on April 24.

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