Husband of Albouystown murder victim recalls horrifying details


Mahendra Rampersaud, the husband of 58-year-old Nalini ‘Nalo’ Persaud who was strangled to death at her Albouystown Georgetown home, has revealed horrifying details about the brazen Wednesday morning home invasion by four masked bandits, two of whom were armed with guns.

“We were laid down in the bed sleeping, when two gunmen and two other men just up to us and said don’t say nothing, don’t talk nothing,” Rampersaud told the media hours after being discharged from the Georgetown Hospital.

Rampersaud was taken to the lower flat of the premises that houses a grocery shop where he was bound to a chair and his mouth duct-taped.

The 59-year-old man said, “Them say if we corporate we ain’t gon do nothing to you and she start to scream and one of them run and snatch she and turn she down pon the bed and after duh they put a lasso round’ me neck and draw it and say come downstairs and turn off them lights.”

He said he pulled out the electrical plug from the house to turn off the lights and after the bandits took him downstairs, he did not know that they killed his wife.

Rampersaud was left tied up for hours inside the shop until a customer found him at around 6am.

“When I go upstairs I hear she son saying, watch me mother dead,” the traumatised man said.

“Somebody come to buy cigarettes this morning and saw me and when they see me they tried to cut out the rope outta me neck, lose out the duct tape outta me eyes, take off the duct tape from meh hand and meh foot, cause I could not even move,” Rampersaud recalled.

The dead woman’s son, Derek Francis and his wife Candacy Rowe live in the same yard but in a separate house.

They said they were alerted by neighbours and subsequently found the shop door ajar and then made the gruesome discovery of Nalo’s body on the bed and the husband tied up.

Police said that cash and jewellery were reportedly carted off by the perpetrators who ransacked the premises.

Rampersaud said he left his job and re-migrated to Guyana about a year ago after spending ten years in the United States.

He said some time ago someone tried breaking into the house however, the businesswoman’s son scared the person away.

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