‘Flat Top’ and his quest for top spot at Georgetown Grand Prix


By Akeem Greene

Whether it’s a party or nightlife, a wedding or the thrills of motorsports at South Dakota and GT Motorsports, Ackeem ‘Flat Top’ Thomas is best known for producing creative images via his cherished collection of lenses.

Coupled that with his undoubted skills as a video editor and his income is secured.

It is quite satisfying to earn from something you love dearly, but for Thomas being able to expend some of that earnings on a deep-seated fascination is even more fulfilling.

The man who has embraced the alias ‘Flat Top’ as a direct reference to his distinctive haircut, is aiming to be the top man in the Easy Cup Rookie at this Saturday’s Georgetown Grand Prix at GT Motorsports.

Thomas eats, breathes and sleeps motorsports, so to be able to secure a kart, hit the track and follow in the footsteps of his idols is quite an achievement.

“The expectations will be different because I will be ahead; well I will try to be ahead, I don’t know how many are registered yet, but hopefully I am ahead,” Thomas confidently stated this week.

Ackeem ‘Flat Top’ Thomas in action at GT Motorsports (Photo: GTRidez/Rohindra Mahase)

In 2018, Thomas made his debut at the KFC Grand Prix, but the podium was far beyond reach for the motor-racing enthusiast. Undoubtedly, it took guts to make the bold move and he revealed it is just the beginning.

“For me it was a dream being in motor-racing. I always be taking [pictures of] everyone else, travelling to different countries taking photos so I saw this as an opportunity to not just to get in kart, but to put in the hard work because it is not easy, it may look easy but it is not. I think I will take it up higher by going into the big league which is on the circuit at South Dakota, but everything takes time,” he related.

The long hours of burning gas and working up a sweat has begun to reap incremental benefits with swifter times being recorded.

“Things are going good; had some practice and I am coming down on my times, I did high 38 seconds, now I am lower, but I still have to do more to reach 37 seconds. KFC competition was really hard, but I think I have what it takes this time because I have done more work on the kart, but I still need to do more…faster on the entrance and exit of corners,” he explained.

Thomas further made an appeal for all to come and witness and of course take pictures, as he would not be the one peering through the lens this time around.

Cyril’s Taxi Service, Top Power Racing and Team Mohamed’s Racing are those in Thomas’ corner and he hopes a good showing can bring more partners on board.

Apart from the Easy Cup Rookie battles, fans can expect excitement in the other categories such as 60cc Kids Cup, the 125cc Juniors, Seniors, Masters, and Shifter Cup Pro.

Actions starts at 16:00h and admission is free.

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