Jagdeo supports Greenidge being retained at Foreign Ministry


Leader of the Opposition Bharrat Jagdeo believes that former Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl Greenidge is needed at the Foreign Ministry for “continuity.”

Expressing his support for the Government’s decision to retain Greenidge, Jagdeo told reporters that “at this stage, particularly with our case before the international court, you need someone who has some knowledge of the issue, in-depth knowledge of the issue and we need continuity in the matter.”

Following the resignation of four Government Ministers last month, the Opposition Leader had initially expressed concerns over plans to retain the Ministers while paying others to take up their portfolios.

However, at a press conference on Thursday, he said Greenidge has the expertise needed to deal with the matter. Nevertheless, he believes that more clarity should be given on his duties.

“We need clarity,” Jagdeo said.

President David Granger on Wednesday told reporters that Greenidge will be rehired to deal with the border case before the world court and some international economic relations matter with other countries. 

The former Minister in March 2018, filed an application asking the International Court of Justice to issue a final binding judgment to settle the boundary between the two countries.

The Spanish speaking country has since refused to participate in the process. 

Greenidge was forced to resign along with former Ministers, Joseph Harmon, Dominic Gaskin and Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine after the court ruled that dual citizens are illegal in the National Assembly. 

The Government has also rehired Harmon as Director General at the Ministry of the Presidency.

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