Single mother beaten, robbed by bandits in Black Bush Polder


A 44-year-old woman and her 11-year-old son were the latest victims of armed robbery in Mibicuri South Black Bush Polder late Saturday night.

The News Room understands that at approximately 11:30hrs, three men armed with guns and a crowbar broke into the house and attacked Indrawattie Dhanraj known as ‘Lovie.’

The woman is employed as a cleaner with the Black Bush Water Users Association and lives with her young son.

She told the News Room she was beaten about her body with a crowbar by the bandits who threatened to kill her in the backdam if she did not hand over cash and valuables.

Dhanraj recalled she was awakened by loud sounds and saw someone “peeping” at her window.

She started to scream but the person told her to “be quiet”.

The house where the robbery occurred

“I hear a sound and get up and see a man peeing over by the window and I start shout out for thief but by time I shout, they buss the window and get in the house suh they say why [am I calling] for thief when you and nobody nah speak [around here]… shut yuh F*[email protected] mouth,” the traumatised single mother recalled.

Dhanraj said she begged the bandits not to hurt her young son.

The armed men spent approximately two hours at the house searching and ransacking.

Dhanraj said she was taken to the lower-flat where the men also searched her fridge and kitchen.

Approximately $50,000 cash and several pieces of jewellery were handed over.

Not satisfied with the loot, the bandits beat Dhanraj about her body with the crowbar. In addition to the loot, the men also carted off with bedsheets, hair dye and a cell phone.

Dhanraj said the men calmly walked out of the yard after brutalizing her.

A relative points to the window which the bandits broke to gain access to the house

The mother of one was forced to spent the night at a friend’s home and only returned to her house early Sunday morning.

Residents in Black Bush Polder say they are living in fear as Dhanraj’s case is the third robbery to have occurred in less than a week.

On Friday last, bandits executed two armed robberies in the Yakarsari Black Bush Polder area where one of the victims was badly beaten.

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