Regma student died from blunt trauma to head


The 10-year-old Linden girl June Alexander died as a result of blunt trauma to head which caused the malformation of a blood vessel, a post mortem report revealed on Monday.

A brain Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) is the medical name for malformation of brain vessels. It is a tangle of abnormal blood vessels connecting arteries and veins in the brain.

According to the post mortem, the child had this pre-existing brain condition when she was injured at the Regma Primary School in Mackenzie, Linden on June 10.

Relatives told the News Room Tuesday that the post mortem also found that Alexander suffered from other conditions leading directly to the death including cerebral haemorrhage (bleeding in the brain).

The family was told that this pre-existing condition of the child was only discovered following the impact she sustained to the head.

Alexander died on June 13 after battling severe head injuries she sustained following an incident at the school.

The teachers at the school claimed Alexander fell and hit her head while running down the stairs but relatives dispute that story, claiming that she was pushed.

The Divisional Police Commander, Senior Superintendent Linden Lord, told the News Room that the Police have received 15 statements to support the claim that the child was running and fell.

Monica, a relative of June, told the News Room that the family is now focused on the funeral arrangements set for Saturday following which they will decide the way forward.

“We are focusing basically on the funeral right now, I mean a lot of persons do not accept the results based on the fact that other doctors, private doctors would confirm something different,” Monica said.

June’s mother, Angela Hamilton, is a security guard who has seven other children, including twin boys born a few months ago.

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