Child battles for life; relatives claim she was pushed down stairs by teacher, others say she was running and fell  


By Fareeza Haniff

A 10-year-old girl is on life support at the Georgetown Public Hospital following an incident at the Regma Primary School in McKenzie, Linden on Monday.

The teachers at the school are claiming that June Alexander fell and hit her head while running but relatives dispute that story; the relatives claimed that they were informed by doctors that the head injuries are severe and consistent with the child falling from a building or being badly beaten to the head.

The Divisional Police Commander, Senior Superintendent Linden Lord, told the News Room that the Police have received 15 statements to support the claim that the child was running and fell.

At the moment, the Grade Five student is bleeding in the brain, the child’s grandmother, Sandra Sumner, told the News Room during an interview Thursday.

Sumner said she was not informed what time the incident occurred but a teacher visited her Retrieve, Linden home on Monday afternoon and informed her of the incident.

June Alexander

The minor was rushed to the McKenzie Hospital by a taxi but had to be transferred to the GPHC due to the seriousness of the injuries.

At the GPHC, the doctors contacted the Police.

“The doctors say this child was pushed or beaten…the doctor called in the Police.

“A child told the Police that June and a next child was playing on the corridor and June pushed the child…the Teacher then told the child to push back June and they push June straight down the stairs,” the grandmother told the News Room.”

The family alleged that a teacher at the school is known to bully June.

“The teachers cook up together and all of them holding one head that this child fall down on a gutter in the walkway…if this child fall down on a walkway, she can’t get brain injuries,” Sumner told the News Room.

June’s mother, Angela Hamilton, is a security guard and single parent to eight children.

“I went to see my child yesterday, and she still in a coma. She is not responding,” Angela told the News Room.

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