Injured, unattended elderly miner dies days after struck by tree


Days after a tree fell and injured him while he was working in a mining pit at Quartz Stone Backdam, Cuyuni River, a 58-year-old miner succumbed to his injuries on Tuesday after he was unable to seek medical attention.

Dead is Sherman Tang.

Reports are that Tang lived alone in a camp at Quartz Stone Backdam, Cuyuni River and worked at the said backdam.

Tang was last seen leaving his camp on April 21. He died three days later.

Police Headquarters said inquiries revealed that a miner who last saw Tang went to check on him with the hope of partnering with him to work.

However, the miner could not be located. So, he left and returned the following day when he found Tang injured near his workground.

As such, Police said the miner contacted Tang’s cousin who assisted in taking him to the camp.

According to the Police, the cousin related that Tang related that he was operating his jet when the mining pit wall caved in causing a tree to fall and hit him, affecting his ability to move.

After he was injured, Tang said he remained at the location.

Efforts were then made to transport Tang to the hospital but were futile. As such, he was taken to his camp.

On April 24, 2024, at about 04:30 hrs, when the cousin made checks again for Tang, he was found motionless.

A report was made to the police.

Tang’s body was examined and several injuries were seen, including abrasions to his knee, head, and right shoulder.


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