Top student who can’t afford QC to attend Berbice High School, Gov’t to offer scholarship


Pawan Etwaroo, one of the Berbice Top students at the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) has received a laptop from the Government to continue his studies along with a scholarship.

Etwaroo, a student of Cumberland Primary School in Canje, Berbice attained 520 marks, earning him a place at Queen’s College, however, his family told the News Room that they could not afford to send him to the secondary school located in Georgetown, more than two hours away from his home.

Since the News Room first reported the story, a number of persons and business owners have reached out to the family to offer assistance.

Minister of Public Service, Tabitha Sarabo-Halley visited the top performer and offered the Government’s assistance to facilitate his attendance to Queen’s College but the lad opted to attend the Berbice High School instead.

According to the Department of Public Information (DPI), the boy’s father, Anand Etwaroo said he is very proud of his son’s accomplishment and while he cannot afford to send him to the city, his son insists on remaining in Berbice to pursue his secondary education.

Pawan Etwaroo with his parents Anand Etwaroo and Babita Etwaroo posing for a photo with Minister of Public Service (DPI photo)

Anand is currently unemployed as he lost his job at the end of 2017 when the Rose Hall Estate where he worked for decades shut down.

Minister Sarabo-Halley, according to the DPI, said the Government has recognised Pawan’s achievement and congratulated him particularly considering the circumstances of his family.

In light of his accomplishment and his desire to have a laptop, the minister gifted the lad a brand-new device.

“I have spoken to his parents and have a sense of what their current situation is, and my hope is that the Government will be able to assist moving forward in Etwaroo’s continued education,” the Minister was quoted saying.

She noted this is only the beginning for the aspiring medical doctor, adding that once his parents work out the logistics and other decisions, the Government will ensure he has access to the resources necessary.

At their Cumberland East Canje home, Pawan’s parents welcomed the assistance and commended the minister and her team for the visit and their commitment.

Eleven-year-old Chitra Ramdihal of Cropper Primary happily accepts laptop from Minister of Public Service, Tabitha Sarabo-Halley. (DPI photo)

According to the Government’s information arm, the administration has also signalled its intention to offer scholarship to the Chitra Ramdihal, of Cropper Primary School who also attained 520 marks at the NGSA.

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