WATCH: Video clears ex-cop accused of planting drugs at Superbet outlet


Footage from the surveillance camera at the Superbet outlet in Reliance East Canje Berbice appears to have vindicated former Detective Constable Richard Persaud who was accused of planting suspected marijuana at the location on July 20.

The footage, which was obtained by reporters in Berbice from the owners of the Superbet outlet, shows the other rank in uniform only identified as ‘Johnson’ as the one who found the suspected drugs at the side of the hut while Persaud, who was in plain clothes, was standing with the owners.

The footage shows the two cops arriving at the location and Persaud looking at the side of the hut before approaching the owners.

From the footage obtained, it shows Persaud remaining with the owners while the uniformed rank went to the back of the hut and returned with what he suspected to be marijuana and showed it to Persaud.

But Persaud was accused of planting the drugs at the location and demanding money from the owners to cover up the matter; as a result, he was placed under close arrest and transferred from the Reliance Police Station to the Tactical Service Unit (TSU) in Eve Leary, Georgetown.

There he spent several days in the lock-ups without being questioned or charged.

His requests to go home for a change in clothing and to speak with his 4-year-old daughter were denied and so the 28-year-old Detective tendered his resignation from the Guyana Police Force with immediate effect.

During a recent interview with reporters, Persaud claimed that he was framed and victimized on the heels of accusations that he provided information against Crime Chief Lyndon Alves who has since been suspended following allegations of corruption.

Persaud said he and ‘Johnson’ visited the Superbet outlet to collect documents from the owners in relation to a matter that was under investigation.

Persaud is now contending that the entire situation was a plot to get rid of him as persons within the Force believe that he leaked information of alleged corruption against the Crime Chief.

Persaud said he and another rank were questioned about providing information to the media about corruption allegations against the senior cop.

He has vehemently denied leaking information against the Crime Chief.

He claimed that other officers began to treat him differently after this incident and complaints began to surface relating to his work.

According to Persaud, in his eight years of service to the Police Force, he was never disciplined nor are there negative reports against him or his work.

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