Cop resigns, claims he was framed after accused of leaking info. against Crime Chief 


The Policeman accused of planting evidence on the premises of a Superbet outlet in East Canje Berbice is claiming that he is being victimized on the heels of accusations that he provided information against Crime Chief Lyndon Alves who has since been suspended following allegations of corruption.

Police Constable Richard Persaud, 28, disclosed that he has been a member of the Guyana Police Force for the past eight years but has decided to resign due to what he claims is victimization by his superiors.

Persaud was transferred from the Reliance Police Station in East Canje Berbice to the Tactical Service Unit (TSU) in Eve Leary, Georgetown after the owner of the business accused him of placing drugs on his premises and demanding cash to cover up the matter.

The Police Constable has since submitted his resignation to his supervisor at the TSU on August 5 with immediate effect but noted that he has received no response as to whether it was accepted.

According to Persaud, on July 20, 2019, he and another rank went to the Superbet outlet to collect documents from the owner of the business in relation to a matter that was under investigation.

Persaud said that the reason for the visit to the business place was not to conduct a search but the other rank found something in the yard and informed the businessman and his wife of the discovery.

According to Persaud, moments later the owner of the business indicated that he has CCTV footage which shows him placing the illegal substance in the yard.

As such, Persaud was placed under close arrest and then later he was on open arrest and the following week, he was transferred to the TSU where he was again placed under close arrest.

Persaud is now contending that the entire situation was a plot to get rid of him as persons within the Force believe that he leaked information of alleged corruption against the Crime Chief.

Persaud said he and another rank were questioned about providing information to the media about corruption allegations against the senior cop.

He claimed that other officers began to treat him differently after this incident and complaints began to surface relating to his work.

Persaud related that he wants a thorough investigation into the matter and vehemently denies planting drugs at the business place.

When contacted, Crime Chief (ag) Kingston Michael said that he is not aware that Persaud tendered a resignation.

Persaud has not reported for duty since submitting his resignation.

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