PPP promises 20,000 online scholarships, reversal of new taxes


As it prepares to head to general and regional elections, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) plans to roll out an ambitious work programme with several promises in its manifesto including 20,000 online scholarships and free university education.

At a press conference Thursday at his Church Street, Georgetown Office, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo shed some light on the offer but noted that a detailed version will be provided when the party launches its manifesto.

“The online scholarships is a programme for how people can apply. This will be 20,000 online scholarships, so there will be an office that allows people to apply and this will be in addition to what is being done at the University of Guyana.

“So this would help private education but also help a large number of people to work and to get scholarships in professions that may not be offered by the University of Guyana,” Mr Jagdeo told reporters.

The PPP has commenced rolling out some of its promises in the form of posters on social media and flyers across the country.

The party is also promising free university education within five years but Jagdeo made it clear that this will only happen within year two or year three of the PPP in office.

Additionally, the PPP also plans to implement measures to stimulate private offering of education and a plan to help students with outstanding fees at the University of Guyana.

Meanwhile, the PPP also intends to reverse some 200 tax measures that were instituted by the coalition government.

“You will see…VAT on building material, because they put the Value Added Tax on sand, stone, cement etc. We want people to build more. We don’t want them to pay taxes on these issues. We will remove taxes on those.”

Mr Jagdeo said VAT will be removed from electricity, exports, data farming, mining and forestry equipment along with reversing the land rent on drainage and irrigation and the age limit on imported vehicles.

According to the Opposition Leader, the bonus for the joint services will also be restored under a PPP government.

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