Demerara Harbour Bridge reopens; structural repairs completed


The Demerara Harbour Bridge reopened to “light” vehicular traffic moments ago, hours ahead of the 18:00hrs deadline announced earlier this morning.

Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson said all structural repairs were completed just before noon on Tuesday.

Notwithstanding this, there are still work to be conducted on ensuring the bridge is fully realigned. From 14:00hrs, the bridge is facilitating cars, minibuses, motorcycles and small canters.

However, larger vehicles and marine traffic will not be allowed passage until the realignment between the high span and the retractor span is fully complete.

The General Manager for the Demerara Harbour Bridge Company, Rawlston Adams confirmed the reopening of the bridge.

Adams told the News Room that the extent of the damages and the cost of repairs is still undetermined.

He also could not comment on the initial detaining of the crew and the impounding of Panamanian registered vessel.

The bridge was closed for more than 24 hours after a barge along with a tug collided with the floating structure.

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