Roger Khan lands in Guyana; whisked away by heavily armed, masked Police


Convicted drug lord Shaheed Roger Khan landed at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) just before midnight Friday on an American Airlines Flight after being deported from the United States of America where he spent about 10 years in jail.

Khan was greeted by the Police at the airport’s tarmac and was escorted through a side gate under the protection of armed and masked Policemen. He was whisked away in a white undercover heavily tinted Police vehicle to the headquarters of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) in Georgetown for processing.

One of Khan’s lawyers, Everton Singh-Lammy, who was at the airport, was not allowed access to the convict.

Roger Khan

Meanwhile, members of the media and Khan’s lawyer were prevented from accompanying the entourage to the CID Headquarters by the Police with the setting up of roadblocks along the East Bank corridor.

The roadblocks at Golden Grove and Providence appeared to be well orchestrated and were aimed at preventing the media’s access to the convicted drug lord. The media was only allowed to continue its journey to Georgetown after the senior ranks at the roadblocks received instructions from those in authority.

Khan was arrested in 2006 in Suriname in a sting operation that Surinamese Police said netted more than 200 kilograms of cocaine – the biggest cocaine haul in Suriname of that year.

Members of the media were prevented by the Police from accompanying the entourage to the CID in Georgetown

Khan, who is alleged to be the former leader of the notorious ‘Phantom Squad’, was extradited immediately to the United States since he reportedly fled from that country several years before to avoid charges.

On October 16, 2009, Khan was jailed for conspiracy to import cocaine into the US, witness tampering and illegal possession of a firearm.

His lawyer Glenn Hanoman told the News Room Friday that Khan is worried charges could be trumped up against him in Guyana.

The officer in charge of the roadblock at Golden Grove refused to say why members of the media were prevented from going to Georgetown

According to Hanoman, the Guyana Government never informed the U.S. Government that Khan is wanted for any criminal offence and so, he [Hanoman] does not expect his client will be arrested.

“He is a bit traumatized by the whole experience, but he is worried about becoming a political football, about people fabricating evidence against him and charging him without evidence,” said Hanoman.

The lawyer said that there is “no evidence in any file” against Khan.

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