400 households affected by flooding on the coast


Approximately 400 households were affected by flood waters as result of high tides and sea defence breaches along the coastland.

The Department of Public Information reported that the government will seek $800 million from the Contingency Fund to remedy the situation.

Members of the National Emergency Operation Centre met on Tuesday at the Civil Defence Commission headquarters at Thomas Lands in Georgetown.

Captain Salim October of the CDC said the coast experienced unprecedented high tides over recent days.

Approximately 65 communities in Regions 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 were affected.

Livestock were also affected by the flood waters

The situation in Region 5 was worse because of sea defence breaches which would have also caused erosion.  

He said there was noted loss of livestock including poultry, small ruminants, and cattle. There was also damage to small scale agricultural farms. According to Captain October, household articles were also damaged.

The accumulation of salt water affected homes and pasture lands.

“Across our coastlines for a distance of approximately 148km was impacted by the associated floods related to the spring tides,” October said.

He said that a number of key responses were undertaken. These included “relocation of livestock to more favourable and higher ground, sand bagging of private property, dredging of drainage canals and tube installation in communities.”

Clean drinking water and cleaning hampers were also distributed to communities.

Some farmers opted to harvest whatever crops they could and carried out flash sales.

Meanwhile, Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson said the authorities will do everything possible to seal the breaches along the coast.

The Minister said his Ministry will be engaging multiple contractors to be able to execute as much work as possible.

At the press conference it was noted that many did not heed the warming provided through the regional disaster management system.


According to the CDC residents only took action when the flood water reached their doors.




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