Residents suffer major losses after flooding caused by high tide


Residents of several villages on the West Coast of Demerara are counting their losses after they woke up to flooded homes as a result of over-topping of the sea defence caused by the high tide.

The affected villages include Blankenburg, Den Amstel, Fellowship, Cornelia Ida, Anna Catherina and Uitvlugt Oceanview.

Reports earlier indicated that the flooding occurred due to a breach in the sea defence but the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) has since advised that there was no breach.

The high tide occurred just before 3am and at 8am, residents were still under water. Throughout these communities, residents were seen cleaning their yards and placing sandbags as they brace for another high tide scheduled for Saturday afternoon at around 15:58hrs.

Residents of Den Amstel told the News Room that they were asleep when the flooding occurred.

“I was sleeping and koker man come and call and say y’all get up, the place flooding and I get up,” Merlyn Dash told the News Room.

Residents of Hibiscus Scheme, Blankenburg are cleaning up following the flooding [News Room photo]

The lower flat of Meryln’s house is inundated and most of her furniture and appliances are damaged.

Her sister Maxine, who is a security guard, has an apartment in the same yard.

One of the flooded streets in Hibiscus Scheme, Blankenburg [News Room photo]

Maxine told the News Room that she was at work at the community health centre when she was made aware of the situation. Her appliances, bed, furniture and other items are also damaged.

Maxine estimates more than $300,000 in losses.

Maxine Dash is now contemplating her next move [News Room photo]

The Department of Public Information (DPI) reported that some residents in these villages were affected with approximately one foot of water in the lower flats of their homes.

“Teams from the CDC, Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Region 3 Regional Democratic Council (RDC) are on the ground monitoring the situation,” the DPI said.

One of the flooded houses in Den Amstel [News Room photo]

The CDC advised that there will be another above normal high tide at 15:58hrs at a height of 3.31 meters.

Residents in the affected areas are asked to immediately secure the entrances to the lower flat of their homes with sandbags and to elevate furniture, appliances, electronics and other valuables household items. Residents should also seal off electrical outlets which are less than one foot above ground level.

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure earlier this week advised the general public to take all necessary precautions during the spring tides period of September 26, 2019, to October 2, 2019. The predicted tide indicates above normal levels for this impending period.

The area remains under water [News Room photo]

The Sea and River Defence Department considers the following areas to be particularly susceptible to possible flooding as a result of storm surges which may induce overtopping of sea/river defence structures:

Pomeroon River Banks

San Souci to Sarah and Maria’s Pleasure to Meerzorg, Wakenaam Island

Cane Field/Amsterdam, Endeavour/Blenheim, Cane Garden – Leguan Island

Windsor Forest to DeWillem, West Coast Demerara, Parika Market Area and Salem to Sparta, E.B.E

Water Street, Georgetown, Helena # 1 & 2, Mahaica.

Fairfield/Dantzig, Mahaicony.

Wellington Park/Tarlogie, Corentyne

The highest tides are expected to be on Sunday, September 29, 2019, at 4:38 pm at a height of 3.36 metres and on Monday, September 30, 2019, at 5:18pm at a height of 3.32 metres.

The area where the over-topping occurred [News Room photo]
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