Curl fete set to ignite Promenade Gardens Sunday


The fourth annual Natural Hair and Beauty Expo, Curl Fete is expected to ignite the Promenade Gardens this weekend with lots of vibes celebrating beauty, self-love and hair.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Curl Fete, Tamika Henry-Fraser told the News Room that she is aiming for it to be the biggest one yet.

“This year we have the entire Promenade Gardens and that’s really special because we have a section for a nighttime programme which is the hair show and then also the day time programme, which is the expo, the booths and more or less the shopping,” Henry-Fraser said.

This year the theme is Doll House because everybody is a Barbie body.

Tamika Henry-Fraser at the first ever Curl Fete in 2016 [Photo source: Curl Fete website]
“We chose the theme Doll House because we really wanted to emphasize that anybody could be beautiful, you don’t have to look a certain way or to be of a certain height or to be certain size or a certain skin colour to be considered beautiful.

“Traditionally Barbie dolls kind of look one way until recently, we are saying when you come to Curl Fete you are a Curl Fete doll and you are beautiful.”

In 2016, Curl Fete initially started out as a natural hair expo because according to Henry-Fraser, girls with kinky and curly hair were not being appreciated and celebrated enough.

She believes that over the past three years Curl Fete has made an impact in embracing differences and celebrating the beauty and, of course, hair.

A participant in the hair show last year at Curl Fete [Photo source: Curl Fete website]
“We need to celebrate our hair texture and show the world that our textures are beautiful, but in doing that we also realized that every woman has a struggle, if you have curly hair, you want your hair straight, if you have straight hair…you want it curly and so Curl Fete is now a space for acceptance for any hair texture, any race, any gender. You all can come to Curl Fete,” Henry-Fraser said.

The gates to the Promenade Gardens will open at 9:00am Sunday.  During the day there will be lots of sales, giveaways and workshops.

A participant in the hair show last year at Curl Fete [Photo source: Curl Fete website]
The United States Embassy will be doing a workshop on how businesses can export to the US and student visas. Other workshops include hair care, makeup and hairstyling among others.

“We have vaginal steaming, we have beard care, we have makeup competitions, designer competitions, barber competitions, we have the big chop competition as well and then in the afternoon we have the Kiddie Showcase where kids get to be Barbie dolls and of course the grand hair show which starts at 5pm.”

Tickets for Curl Fete are being pre-sold at $1000, at the gate it will be $1500.

Children under three years old are free.  For more information visit Curl Fete Facebook and Instagram pages.

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