Pandit Ubraj Narine re-elected Mayor of Georgetown


Member of the People’s National Congress Reform Pandit Ubraj Narine was on Wednesday re-elected to serve as Mayor of Georgetown for the upcoming year.

He was the single nominee for the position. The vote was done via a show of hands from the 21 APNU and two AFC Councillors; the seven PPP Councillors abstained from voting.

The Mayor-elect told the media at City Hall that the focus for 2020 will be on refurbishing the City Hall building, the restructuring of the Stabroek Market and proper management and disposal of garbage.

“I want to see a different Stabroek Market where people can go and relax, I do have a proposal which I currently submitted to the Ministry of Communities, to NICIL (National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited) and we need central government blessings so that we can go ahead with that proposal to restructure Stabroek Market,” the Mayor said.

Mayor Ubraj Narine speaks with the media at City Hall

The Mayor also called for more support from the administration of City Hall, given the numerous ups and downs for this year.

“As the year has passed I must say I would not have made it without my fellow Councillors and officers who place hand in hand to make this year all it was. We had our ups and downs, countless misunderstandings to agree and many more, raise our voice bile with anger, yet we are here and yet we had another year of success,” the Mayor said.

Speaking about some of the achievements for the year, the Mayor said that the Council managed to clear some debts, signed MoUs, paid gratuity, purchased new equipment and foster new relationships and partnerships.

However, the Mayor said that there is a need to review and reform the Municipal and District Councils Act.

Councillors voted via a show of hands

The Mayor said he will be working more closely with the Private Sector Commission (PSC) next year and noted that the Chairman for the PSC Captain Gerry Gouveia has given assurance that he will work with the Council.

“…I am willing to work with the private sector for the betterment of the city and the country.”

A former Mayor and the longest-serving Mayor of Georgetown, Hamilton Greene encouraged the Councillors to recognise the importance of the Council to the city of Georgetown.

Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor Alfred Mentore was also reelected to serve in the same post for 2020.

Councillor Oscar Clarke was elected as the Chairman for the Finance Committee while Bisram Cuppin was elected the Vice-Chairman.

Other Councillors elected to serve in the Committee include Yvonne Ferguson, Tricia Richards, Dawn Stewart, Alfred Mentore and Ivelaw Henry.

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