Mother of murdered Police coach wants justice


By Isanella Patoir

When single mother 58-year-old Jennifer Benn heard that her son 28-year-old Seon ‘Senestro/Tyrone’ Burry was found lying by D’Urban Park, she thought he was dehydrated and fell while training.

She had no idea he was brutally stabbed to death.

“A guy come in the yard, I don’t know is who up to now and I hear the person calling and I tell my grandson to go and see who calling. When he come back, he said a man come and say that Tyrone deh on the road lie down.

“Right away I called pumpkin [taxi driver] to drop me and when I go and see….O didn’t think he died, I thought he fall down,” the mother of 13 told the News Room.

Burry was a Rural Constable who joined the Guyana Police Force in July 2015. He was also the Police’s athletic coach.

His bloodied body was found just before 6:00hrs Tuesday with several stab wounds about the body.

Police Headquarters in a statement noted that Burry left his Section A, Field 7, South Sophia home at about 03:30hrs to train athletes.

Jennifer Benn says she wants justice for her son

Police were contacted about Burry’s body at around 05:50hrs and Emergency Medical Technicians pronounced him dead at the scene.

His mother told the News Room that judging from her son’s injuries she believes more than one persons committed the gruesome act.

“This person or persons who did it wanted him dead. He face bash in, he got stab wounds all the way up he arm, under both arms you could see he was blocking…all on his side but you could see it is not one person did it,” the grieving mother said.

While Benn is a mother of 13, only three of her children are now left alive among them is Burry’s twin sister, Shellon Burry.

She recalled prior to his death, Burry told her that there are persons who were jealous that he was nominated for a coaching award.

“Since he went on two coach training overseas he come home and he would say –‘Mommy they got plenty envious and grudges in the Police Force,’ coming up they supposed to have a coach award and he say plenty are not pleased that he was being nominated,” the mother said.

According to Benn, her son was a kind and loving person who impacted the lives of many young athletes in and around Georgetown.

“I don’t even know how many of them gonna able now, because whole morning the phone ringing, the parents calling to find out if it is true and you could hear them in the background,” the mother said.

The mother said she will not just sit back and accept what happened to her son.

Benn said she single-handedly raised her children by working five jobs to ensure they complete school.

“I want justice, I don’t care if is somebody in the Police Force or an outsider, I don’t care is who I want justice and if the Police cannot give me justice…well, then I am going to go seek my own justice because this is hard. I grow them up without a father and over 20 years I living in Sophia is me and me alone,” the mother said.

The Guyana Police Force expressed condolences to the immediate family, relatives and friends of Burry.

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