Painful Christmas for widow and children of popsicle vendor shot dead


During this festive time of the year, families look forward to spreading joy and enjoying time together.

For the Duncan family, however, this year is different. The wife of 32-year-old Kurt Anthony Duncan, a popsicle vendor who was shot and killed five months ago, has been talking to the News Room about how difficult life has been for her, and now especially, at Christmas.

Life for Roxanne Duncan took a drastic turn on July 29 when her husband was shot during a scuffle at a bar in Georgetown.

The couple lived together for 16 years; the union produced six children.

Roxanne said the death of her husband has left a void in her family and she fears it may never be filled.

“….is like nobody can’t fulfill the space because we come a long way, since teenagers.”

“I miss he a lot because time like these me, he and the children we all on Regent Street selling and then we gonna buy gifts for them and wrap it and so…we would find time to play and have fun, these things we cannot do anymore,” a tearful Roxanne said.

Roxanne said what is even more painful is that the suspect, an ex-policeman has not been arrested. Police said the suspect is still being sought.

“He is somewhere out there probably having fun with his family and supporting he children and my own just left to punish without their father.”

Dead: Kurt Anthony Duncan

Roxanne said she has forgiven whoever shot her husband.

“I know he is somewhere out there, if you could just turn in yourself. In order to move on in this life when people hurt you, we need to forgive people and I forgive him, but just turn in yourself,” Roxanne said.

According to Roxanne her husband worked hard to support his family.

Police had reported that the bar was in the process of closing when a scuffle arose between a woman and a man who was cleaning the floor.

Duncan, who was at the bar with a friend reportedly tried to intervene in the scuffle when he was shot by another man who was seated nearby.

Duncan was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Roxanne said her husband was a humble and loving person.

“It hurt me yesterday when I went on Regent Street and the spot where we used to sell, I couldn’t stay there because you are looking around and seeing people with their husband and children walking together…and it was very painful and it is not a nice experience especially this time of the year.”

Roxanne explained that she even had to move out of their North Sophia, Georgetown home because the memories of her husband were too painful.

She now lives with relatives in B Field, Sophia with her children.



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